Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

15 FREE 'Windows' Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Programs including Basic/Pascal listings - English language and metric units only

2nd March 2015 - Added a new proposal for overseas regulatory / certification / fire protection organisations to have their own full hydraulics computer program for local sprinkler contractors / designers in their own language - just click here.

19th February 2015 - Introducing my new AACALC10 program - click here for more details and how to download it for free. It is #1 of 15 listed below ...

AACALC10 - after DEMO1 selected

Free programs, with my compliments, for 2015 ...

I offer the widest selection of computer programs for the Full Hydraulic Calculation of Fire Sprinkler Protection Systems within buildings that you will find on the Internet and they are all completely free. Free to download, free to use, free updates, free upgrades, free to copy on as many computers as you have at home or in your company without registration, activation, licences, fees, unlock codes, subscriptions, donations, charges, credit / debit cards, Email addresses or conditions of any kind. As all my "digital downloads" are zero cost, then there are no cross-border VAT charges within Europe, but I just do English language / metric units only not 'imperial'. All my innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use programs listed here are full and complete applications including in-built "Help" and test projects, are not trials / demonstrations, do not expire / degrade and no "premium" or other versions are available.

All have been produced by one person (me!) in the last few years and come with free technical support by Email (please put the program name in the 'Subject' line) and answered promptly by the person who conceived, developed and programmed them (me again!). They will give exactly the same, right answers compared to much older "take it or leave it" software you may find for hundreds / thousands of pounds / euros / dollars on other websites with their continuing "update" fees. Do not be concerned that there is just me here - about half the suppliers of this sort of technical analysis software are "one-man-bands" - the other half charge so much that they dare not quote the price on their websites so as not to put you off ever contacting them.

For the EN12845 RULES used throughout Europe, I offer AACALC7, EASYSHP, VSHP, HYD, IPDS43 and AAVIEW7 with 3RD especially for BS9251 and all are listed below in more detail. Please scroll down (and down and down ...)

For the NFPA 13/15 + FM GLOBAL RULES used worldwide, I offer FREESHP and AACALC9 for all types of hydraulically calculated sprinkler systems but (for the 99th time!), there will NEVER be any 'imperial' versions.

For ALL SPRINKLER RULES, I offer AACALC8 and from 19th February, AACALC10 - an innovative, intuitive spreadsheet based hydraulic analysis program.

For OVERSEAS regulatory / certification / fire protection organisations, I offer to develop full hydraulics computer programs in their own language(s) - click here for more details. If you are a sprinkler designer, installer, contractor or consultant, please could you contact the appropriate body in your country with this link if you think it would be of interest.

Remember, it is most unlikely you will ever be doing hydraulic calculations all day, every day in the office, so you just need a simple program to hand whenever required. I suggest you start by downloading the useful AACALC8 program [520 KBytes] by clicking here. Please scroll down this page reading / looking at the summaries of my 15 free programs - I have spent a couple of thousand hours developing them so surely you can take a few minutes to see if they interest you! All are very cost-effective because they don't cost anything and are suitable for beginners and experienced sprinkler designers, contractors, installers, consultants and A.H.Js. They do not need a CAD program like AutoCAD, BricsCAD or DraftSight to operate but you may find the free LibreCAD one of use.

I also provide OPEN SOURCE software for "Free Pascal" and "Visual Basic" (both free), where you can add your own pipe / fitting types, different equations, personalised results printouts, translate to your own language or tailor to your own specific requirements - see my SHP4FPC / SHP4MVB page. I have used Object-Orientated Pascal for all the programs listed on this website - I can easily send you their SOURCE CODE upon request if you are familiar with the LAZARUS I.D.E. (free at or DELPHI (at but it is expensive to buy after the 30 day free trial). All the new programs I plan for 2015 will also be made available in this way so perhaps you may find it appropriate to learn programming this year! For example, some suppliers charge you extra for the Darcy-Weisbach equation, which is all of 6 lines of code, while others do not even include velocity-pressure (just 3 lines of code).

All my software will operate on all 32/64 bit versions of "WINDOWS" (except RT) and are completely free to DOWNLOAD FROM THIS WEBSITE ONLY (all checked for viruses, with no malware, massive .NET framework, obsolete VB6 runtime modules, toolbars or other ancillary software of any kind nor any unzipping / rebooting) - just one .EXE file per program that needs no setup or installation and can be on your computer with just a few mouse clicks (in the folder of your choice - I suggest C:\aa3progs - you can create a 'shortcut' or 'pin to taskbar' or copy it to a USB key-drive for portability) as my website now uses HTTPS 256-bit end-to-end encryption for your security. Also note that this site deliberately does NOT use 'Flash' or 'Java' as these have been implicated as potential security threats within browsers, so like you I suspect, I have not installed such software on my computers. I also suggest you use GHOSTERY or similar to block "redirects" and "analytics" but my programs are EXCLUSIVE to this website and are not on any other DOWNLOAD sites on the Internet.

If you wish to learn about the full hydraulic calculations of sprinkler protection systems, then my modern AACALC9 program is the best place to start with its simple "point and click" interface. You will obviously have to be familiar with the design of standard pipe schedule layouts and still need to read and follow the NFPA Sprinkler Rules of the different hazard pipework systems. These are the ONLY entirely free programs on the Internet as other suppliers may say their programs are free, you have to buy them after 15/30 days or they stop working. My programs have been used by established companies since 1985, in fact, few designers in the UK have used any other hydraulics programs than ones I have produced - SPRINKLE, SPRAY, SHP, SDS, GRIDEST, QCAP, FHC, CAD2FHC and many more. As you can never do such calculations manually then you might as well start with my programs as listed below :-

FREE program #1 of 15 : AACALC10

AACALC10 - Demo 1

AACALC10 is a very simple spreadsheet based program to enable end-fed, looped and gridded fire protection pipework systems to be quickly entered, analysed and evaluated so that you may learn about full hydraulic calculations of sprinkler systems for yourself. It runs on all 32 / 64 bit versions of "Windows" XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 and there is a minimum of typing in nor any complicated procedures to understand but still permits all types of layouts, sizes, head data, design parameters etc. to be easily compared. Remember, one only has to consider the most remote / favourable design areas of perhaps 10 to 30 operating heads / nozzles out of the possible 300 to 1000 actually installed in the building being protected so it really doesn't take long to enter the pipes taking the water from the source out through the feed mains to the branch lines / ranges supporting the heads.

Click here for further screen shots / details about AACALC10 or click here to download AACALC10 [19.02.15 545 kB] directly.

FREE program #2 of 15 : FREESHP

Main FREESHP screen

Calculation of hydraulically designed sprinkler (room design and area/density methods) and spray systems to the NFPA 13/15 and FM Global Rules in metric units. Node references are only required at tees / crosses (not at each end of all pipes) and you give the size, length, direction and slope of the pipes to the operating heads / nozzles so a 3D picture is produced as a DXF file. There is just one way and place to add, break, copy, delete, edit, move, locate or view pipes - no confusing options to learn or superfluous videos / manuals needed to find out what does what! You may have a background CAD drawing so can "draw" the pipes on the building / rooms / services plan rather than a blank screen. This program cannot be used in America as it is in metric units and NO A.H.J. will accept the results printout!

Click here for tutorial [24th January 2013 - about 9kb - just "Save" it to somewhere on your hard disk]. I have redone this as as .RTF file so users with HD screens can just reduce the width of FREESHP and have WORDPAD or similar running alongside, making it easier to step through the various options and see the program in operation.

Click here for further screen shots / details about FREESHP or click here to download FREESHP [22.09.14 954 kB] directly.

FREE program #3 of 15 : EASYSHP

Typical results from EASYSHP

Full hydraulic calculation of sprinkler and spray systems to the European EN12845 Rules in metric units. Innovative / unique features include just 4 screens - "File options", "Project and Pipe Data", "Calculate and Show Results" and "Help" - very quick and easy to apply for your projects using simple data entry procedures and immediate calculations. Does not need to produce a drawing as most Reviewers still insist on seeing your sprinkler layout drawings so have to manually match them with the hydraulic calculations.

Click here for further screen shots / details about EASYSHP or click here to download EASYSHP [15.09.14 600 kB] directly.

FREE program #4 of 15 : IPDS43

Qcap / Qmax graph

A standalone program for the calculation of the Qcap and Qmax values for the Installers Pump Data Sheet as the EN12845 and similar Sprinkler Rules in the same format as EASYSHP, so can also be used with HYD and older programs that do not include such an option. You just enter the flows, pressures and highest heads for the most remote / favourable design areas as well as the pump / tank details. These are typed in on simple "tabbed" data entry screens and you can view the resulting diagram on the same screen. If you hold your mouse button over one of the 8 data points, you can then slide it up or down and have the pump curve drawn out to suit with the revised Qcap / Qmax values.

Click here for further screen shots / details about IPDS43 or click here to download IPDS43 [954 kB] directly.

FREE program #5 of 15 : VSHP

Main VSHP screen

Full hydraulic calculation of sprinkler and spray systems to various International Rules in metric units. Innovative / unique features include an "all-in-one" user interface without needing to draw out the pipework scheme, a "grid wizard" option to automatically calculate the most remote / favourable design areas and show the Qcap/Qmax graph and easy to follow results presentation.

Click here for further screen shots / details about VSHP or click here to download VSHP [1260 kB] directly.

FREE program #6 of 15 : AACALC7

Typical screen display of AACALC7

Full hydraulic calculation of sprinkler and spray systems to the European EN12845 / CEA Rules in metric units. Innovative / unique features include a very comprehensive options list, producing a zoomable 3D "picture" of the pipework / heads with an aerial view on a building "background", multiple water supplies, unique range numbers (so a complete range can be copied with a single number) or pipe-by-pipe, range-by-range (using "node" numbers that you may be used to), fast calculations and easy to follow results presentation. LibreCAD ( is Free Open Source Software for the creation / amendment of the DXF drawing files produced by AACALC7.

Click here for further screen shots / details about AACALC7 or click here to download AACALC7 [1890 kB] directly.

FREE program #7 of 15 : AAVIEW7

Example of AAVIEW7

A free viewing program for the various file types from my AACALC7 program including the CSV and XML options and 2D DXF CAD files as shown above.

Click here for further screen shots / details about AAVIEW7 or click here to download AAVIEW7 [630 kB] directly.

FREE program #8 of 15 : 3RD

Main 3rd drawing screen

Full hydraulic calculation of residential / domestic sprinkler systems to BS9251 Rules (not NFPA 13D or 13R) in metric units. Innovative / unique features include a simple data entry method with different water supply options and rotatable 3D view with comprehensive results presentation all set up for the cheap "netbooks" with 1024x600 screens.

Click here for further screen shots / details about 3RD or click here to download 3RD [580 kB] directly.

FREE program #9 of 15 : HYD

Main HYD screen

Full hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems to BSEN12845 Rules in metric units. Innovative / unique features include a simple nodes + pipes data entry method on one screen, editable pipe types/fittings database provided now free for all it's previous users. See also the IPDS43 program 4 of 15 above for Qcap / Qmax graph.

Click here for further screen shots / details about HYD or click here to download HYD [1020 kB] directly.

FREE program #10 of 15 : HPCO2

Main hpco2 screen

High pressure Carbon Dioxide pipework / nozzles calculations program to the NFPA 12, BS5306 and ISO6183 standards in metric units. Innovative / unique features include a simple "spreadsheet" like data entry method on one screen, rotatable 3D "picture" and user editable pipe types/fittings database provided free for all it's previous users. A new option 'EXACT' in Q9 will determine the required nozzle sizes in mm to maintain the specified discharge time in minutes, rather than selecting the nearest size from the database.

Click here for further screen shots / details about HPCO2 or click here to download HPCO2 [930 kB] directly. However, I do NOT have any software for low pressure CO2, FM200, Inergen, Novec1230, Argonite, LPG Inert IG-55, Nitrogen IG-100, Argon IG-01, Proinert or any other fixed-fire fighting gaseous systems, as only their suppliers have the equations, tables, procedures etc.

FREE program #11 of 15 : AABACKUP

A useful "one-click" utility to copy all your data files from my various free programs to another folder on your computer, another PC on your network or NAS, USB drive or external hard disk and perhaps for further archiving to the "cloud" or CD / DVD for off-site retention. Very simple and quick to use but I could do a YouTube video if needed!

Click here to download AABACKUP [470 kB] directly.

FREE program #12 of 15 : SHP4FPC

I have provided full details of a new full hydraulics calculations program using the FREE PASCAL COMPILER at - see the SHP4FPC page. This is the ONLY place on the Internet offering the complete source code listing entirely for FREE to enable you to produce your OWN hydraulics program if you already know (or wish to learn) the Pascal computer language, or if you prefer Basic ...

FREE program #13 of 15 : SHP4MVB

I have retyped in the PASCAL version of SHP4FPC in BASIC for Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express and called it SHP4MVB - details are on the SHP4FPC page. This is a 900 line listing and the form layout files of a complete WINDOWS program, operating just like those you are already used to for you to modify / extend as required.

FREE program #14 of 15 : AACALC8

AACALC8 is a very simple, but useful FREE Windows application that runs on 10" Netbooks, all laptops and the monitor on your desk and is in 5 sections (just the first page shown here) :-

AACALC8 - page 1 of 5

Click here for further screen shots / details about AACALC8 or click here to download AACALC8 [520 kB] directly.

FREE program #15 of 15 : AACALC9

AACALC9 is simple "point and click" drawing program for first-time users to the NFPA 13 / 15 Rules and is fully described on a new webpage dating from February 2014.

Main AACALC9 screen

Click here for further screen shots / details about AACALC9 or click here to download AACALC9 [16.10.14 862 kB] directly.

Nobody can compete with free ...

The UK's leading developer of hydraulics+CAD software for sprinkler designers and installers since 1985 offers all these programs entirely for FREE. All have been written / updated by me since 2009, cost absolutely nothing (now or in future), run without any setup or install routines in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 or the older XP / VISTA versions, don't need any registration / activation and can be copied to as many computers / staff / branch offices etc. as you choose.

My innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use programs are complete and ready-to-run on your "Windows" laptop / desktop computers - they are not "trials" or limited function "demos", and come with extensive "Help" screens and many examples for you to experiment with, if not familiar with these types of calculations. My Email address is at the top of the page for full technical support 365 days/year - NO charges, fees, donations etc. All are in ENGLISH ONLY but no French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or any other language versions will ever be produced.

You may never have to buy hydraulics software again ...

Why pay hundreds / thousands of dollars / euros for 10-15 year old hydraulic calculation programs from just a handfull of other suppliers (mostly in America who prefer to deal with companies in that country) that you may actually only need a few times a year for your jobs? They invariably lock you in to continually paying even more for "upgrades" (perhaps just changing an expiry date from 2014 to 2015) so if you don't pay, the program stops working along with your project data files. There are NO end dates in any of my FREE programs. Some of these update fees are 1% or even 2% A MONTH of the purchase prices, so if you retain the program for 5 years (to run previous projects), you will pay as much again for the program and if you keep it for 10 years, then you will have bought that program 3 TIMES! just on the offchance that you get further hydraulically calculated projects. Nothing from these programs is ever transmitted back to me nor anybody else which, I gather, is NOT the case with some other suppliers. You may also have noticed that some other websites do not bother to list any prices for their software - you have to Email them for this information (so they can quote a high price if they don't like you?) but remember the old axiom; "if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it!". There are several specialist sub-contract designers that are well conversant with my programs that will design and calculate such jobs without you having to buy expensive software from other companies nor get too involved with my FREE ones, if you consider them too complicated.

Also remember, that once you have bought a program, it does not have any value! You cannot sell it, use it in another company / location (because of activation) or even give it away because it belongs to the software provider - you just pay for a licence. Several firms have withdrawn programs or abandoned their websites during 2012 to 2014 - see the dates in any "copyright" lines or screen-shots. How many show their program(s) running under Windows 8, let alone 8.1? None, that I can find!

Before you decide to BUY a hydraulics program, please spend a few hours evaluating my equivalents first - if you don't like one; just try another - at least I offer alternatives - others just do 1 on a "take-it-or-leave-it" basis. If you then find that NONE of my free programs are suitable for you or your projects, then you may not be able to use any of the "paid-for" ones either. So, at the very least, by trying my programs first, I could have saved you from a very expensive purchasing mistake! Don't forget, there are less alternative software providers on the Internet than there are programs on this website. It is all up to you, of course.

If I have not covered the specific details you were looking for or if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, then my Email address is at the very top of this page ...

However, I am unable to help with ...

To summarise all of the above ...

My FREE programs are all ...

This website has ...

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So that you can see that my programs work on the various types of "Windows" without the need for different versions nor separate install / setup routines, I set out below how the main page of FREESHP looks at 1280x1024 resolution under

Windows 2000 ...

Windows 2000

Windows XP ...

Windows XP

Windows VISTA ...

Windows Vista

Windows 7 ...

Windows 7

Windows 8 and 8.1 and 8.1 Update 1 ...

Windows 8

Windows 10 Technical Preview ...

Main FREESHP screen

Remember NO CHARGE for copying, updates, upgrades, registration, support etc for ANY of my programs described here. How much would other hydraulics programs have cost you so far? How much will you have to pay your software supplier in future? Finally, remember the axiom ...


I monitor all the English-language websites of other hydraulics software suppliers and very few appear to have been modified after 2010. If you look at the bottom of their "Home" pages you will see the last update - perhaps they have given up trying to offer programs now that I have taken away most of their users. If you currently use another provider, then try sending them an Email asking them about my website and see if they bother to respond.