Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

Twenty-one "Windows" programs for the full hydraulic calculation of fire sprinkler systems

In a hurry? Here's what you need to know ...

New program 25th May + 14 June 2018: FREE1315 ...

FREE1315 is a completely free Hydraulics Calculations Program for the latest NFPA 13/15 Rules in US. Conventional Units (feet, inches, gpm and psi) for use by sprinkler designers, contractors and installers in America.

FREE1315 Demo 1 Flows on isometric

It allows you to use the NFPA 13 recommended descriptive noding scheme to specify start and end node references, directions and a simple text note for each pipe in any hazard or arrangement of fire sprinkler system and show plans, elevations and isometric views of the 3D drawing so created and instantly carry out the hydraulic calculations and see the results and water supply graphs. This complements the previous FREEHCP one where a more conventional program is required. To assist in the sizing of branch lines, I have added a Flow V Pressure Drop graph as below :-

FREE1315 Q v P Graph

DOWNLOAD the latest FREE1315 program now or READ MORE about it ...

Featured program : CAD2ENRULES ...

Now you can design and install hydraulically calculated fire sprinkler systems in buildings WITHOUT having to purchase or use any additional hydraulics calculations programs.

You prepare the layout plan in the normal way with your existing CAD program (all in mm) following a few, simple guidelines and add some project data, design parameters and the appropriate pipe sizes as text. You may also need some extra options, specifically for any vertical pipes, next to the sizes :-

CAD2ENRULES - showing the free LIBRECAD program

My FREE CAD2ENRULES program will now convert it into 3D, join all the pipes together and to the sprinkler heads (on multiple levels if applicable), carry out all the routing to and from the water supply, work out all the heights / fittings and show a materials take-off list. It will then determine the source duty, flows, pressures, velocities etc to any remote / favourable design area when you choose the operating heads on an isometric (or drawing a box around the group of ranges on a plan) :-

CAD2ENRULES - CALCS for any design area

One second later, you can view the results presentation and printout or create a PDF :-


You can also zoom in to any area with any input data and calculated values - here showing the start / end pressures :-


No longer do you have to spend hours (or days!) transferring or duplicating data, pipe by pipe, from the design drawing into a separate, expensive and difficult to use hydraulics program in order to do these very simple calculations. No more wasting time, making mistakes and keeping the separate CAD drawing / hydraulics data files up-to-date with each other as the building / design inevitably changes. This is all very quick and intuitive and only entails minimal changes to your existing drawing procedures / creation time and will not cost you anything at all.

All the information about the project data, layers, sizes, design parameters, pipe sizes / types / bores and fitting types / equivalent lengths for CAD2ENRULES is stored in a text-datafile and you can add to, change or copy it as many times as needed for your own country / company / specific projects :-


Try CAD2ENRULES out for yourself for FREE today and compare it to your existing design office procedures. I suggest you run through my 6 demonstration examples and then view them with your chosen CAD program before preparing a simple scheme of a few ranges / heads to properly evaluate CAD2ENRULES.

There is no point in ever waiting for your current hydraulics software provider to develop a similar program as it would take them 6 months or so to produce (even if they knew how) so would have to charge an exorbitant fee and then never sell any more of their main programs! Meanwhile, my software would remain totally free to use ...

DOWNLOAD the latest CAD2ENRULES program now or READ MORE about it ...

If you prefer the NFPA / FM Global sprinkler rules, then you can DOWNLOAD the similar CAD2HCP now or READ MORE about that program ...

If CAD2ENRULES / CAD2HCP are not appropriate, then I offer 20 other FREE programs for 2018 ...

For the EN12845 RULES used throughout Europe, there are the AACALC7, EASYSHP, VSHP, HYD, IPDS43 and AAVIEW7 programs.

For the NFPA 13/15 + FM GLOBAL RULES used worldwide, you can choose FREESHP, FIRSTHCP, FREEHCP, FREE1315, ISO2HCP and AACALC9 with a CAD program for Pipe Schedule systems called AACALC12 plus FREEWATERMIST for NFPA 750 water mist systems.

For BOTH the above sprinkler rules, I offer AACALC8, AACALC10, AACALC11 and my latest FREEHC software packages.

For the BS9251:2014 systems, you can use NEW3RD.

All these are in METRIC units only, except FREEHCP and FREE1315 which are in the AMERICAN units of feet, inches, gpm and psi.

The 5 programs I added in 2017 were FIRSTHCP, CAD2HCP, CAD2ENRULES, ISO2HCP and FREEHCP so perhaps you should investigate those first.

Just click on the underlined links above to read more about them and to download their single EXE files and please remember they are all FREE! If you want to know why, just CLICK HERE or if you are new to hydraulic calculations, then CLICK HERE for much more useful information or CLICK HERE to view my extensive software portfolio.

This is the most comprehensive site you will find on the Internet specifically for fire sprinkler hydraulic analysis software and while other suppliers may have one or two high-priced alternatives, I offer 21 tried-and-tested programs for nothing.

They can calculate all types of water-based fire protection pipework schemes; end- or centre-fed terminal, looped, gridded, wet-dry-alternate, birdcage, ring, roof or roof+rack, ESFR, large drop, spray, deluge, drencher, high-velocity special risk, hydrants, hosereels, monitors, water-guns, mist, fog, foam or combination of any design area for any hazard or occupancy risk you are ever likely to encounter.

So whatever your involvement in the consultancy, design, installation, testing or review of fire sprinkler systems to all the major design specifications, my programs are all easy-to-use and apply, at zero charge nor any further time or costs for training especially if you just do a few hydraulic calculations a year or have never contemplated doing so - they will save you thousands in buying similar software to do the same task and are very cost effective as they don't cost anything!

I alone have developed these programs (and many others going back to CP/M and MS.DOS days) so can therefore answer all your technical enquiries by E-mail (see top of page) on any specific program - I am based in the United Kingdom but am not on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, SKYPE etc of course.

DOWNLOAD one or more of these programs in just a couple of mouse clicks (a single EXE file for each so no setup / install routines will run) and examine the in-built help and demonstration examples to convince you that they will be suitable for all your future projects. If using a Microsoft browser and you get a blue bar across the screen about 'SmartScreen', just click on "More info" and "Run anyway" to download and then run my programs. If you are stuck with the awful WINDOWS 10 operating system and cannot download any programs, go to "Settings", then "Apps", then "Apps & features" and change the option to "Allow apps from anywhere" NOT the Windows Store only!

All are for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 or 10 (32/64-bit but not RT or W10 S) and minimum of 1366 x 768 screen (but HD 1920 x 1080 preferred) with optional laser / inkjet printer.

[29.03.18] Information about the expanding, international sprinkler hydraulics open source development group is now on a separate website - please Email if interested and you know C++.