Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

Free Hydraulic Calculations on the Internet

Yes, all my 20 programs for 2018 on this HTTPS encrypted website are completely free ...

Free for you to download as many times as required. Free to use on your projects without restriction, for as long as you want. Free updates and upgrades constantly available. Free technical Email support from the program originator. Free from registration, activation, licences, dongles, copy-protection, upselling, expiry dates, time outs, degrading over time, unlock codes, credit / debit / payment information, quotations, invoices, statements, advertising or 'in-app' purchases.

In other words: you have a FREE perpetual licence to use all my programs for as long as you want them - there are simply no catches! You will never need to ask how much my programs cost as the answer will always be ZERO.

In addition, I do not use INSTALLERS for the single .EXE program files you need to download so there is NO usage tracking, spyware, toolbars, search engine links or unwanted extra programs and no personal details are ever required or retained - you remain completely anonymous. All my 2018 programs have, of course, been checked for malware, viruses, trojans etc.

There are also NO "cookies", "analytics", "on-line forms" to complete, newsletters, blogs, support "tickets", contracts, terms and conditions, restricted areas on this site needing initialisation, scripts, schemas, shopping carts, Javascript, Flash, any links to other websites or use of Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla!. Please observe that there is a green 'padlock' in the URL part of your browser to confirm that all transmissions are protected by end-to-end encryption and you should be wary of .COM websites that don't show this marker.

There are NO requests for information from my program users or visitors of any kind and therefore the 1995 Data Protection Directive or the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which replace them do not apply to my 20 programs or website after 25th May 2018 as no personal information is ever stored or processed by me and, of course, no third-parties are interested as it is all just my own efforts - right-click on any webpage and select "View Source Code" to see that this is true.

All my "Windows" computers were completely disconnected from the Internet several years ago and I only use the free LINUX based operating system(s) to browse the Internet so as to avoid the all-pervasive tracking / keylogging by Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. In addition, I use GHOSTERY and NOSCRIPT add-ons to the FIREFOX Quantum browser to block other security risks on all websites and only read / reply to Emails via a specific HTTPS Webmail program (not POP3 / IMAP) which encrypts / decrypts all text transmissions to prevent "snooping".

If you are involved in the design or installation of fire sprinkler protection systems, then you have come to the ONLY site on the Internet offering FREE multiple, modern and innovative "Windows" XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 or 10 programs for CAD, hydraulic and associated calculations all in METRIC units (apart from FREEHCP for use in America), with my compliments.

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