Free Sprinkler Hydraulics Programs for Certification Bodies by Alan Ashfield


My Proposal - 2nd March 2015

I am given to understand that several countries, outside the UK, are wishing to develop their own computer programs for the Full Hydraulic Calculation of Sprinkler Protection Systems specifically for local sprinkler contractors and designers in their own language(s).

This could be achieved by jointly preparing a specification that I would produce for free (in English based on my established suite of programs on this website) and then those organisations translating it, providing training courses, examinations to register who is permitted to use it to substantiate their sprinkler designs in metric units. The rest of this page describes these items in more detail so you can get exactly the software package you want.


Kindly examine all my FREE programs listed above and any other commercially available full hydraulics programs you may be familiar with. Identify the key points as regards the features, options, facilities, any links to / from CAD drawings, presentation, format and scope of the method of operation, input data required, user interface, extent of the calculations, results presentation etc. Summarise these in an Email (or a letter as I can quote you my home address) in English or I can provide a 'questionnaire' for you to complete.

As I will be providing the "source code" of the final program, you also need to indicate the computer language that you already have (or one or more members of staff would need to be familiar with) as you must be able to modify the program in the future. These could include Visual Basic, C++, C#, Pascal etc. assuming you and your users would prefer the "Windows" operating system rather than "Linux" - I use Pascal as Microsoft is not involved with it! You would also have to give a list of pipe and fitting types / sizes and a few "test" jobs to check for the correct answers [see 3].

Upon receipt, I will produce a detailed specification, including some "mock-up" screen displays and list of menu options for your consideration / agreement and Email / post this back. Perhaps you would also wish to send your requirements to any other suppliers in your country or others who currently provide similar software as a comparison but my quotation would come to ZERO UNITS OF CURRENCY!


It would take me one to three months to produce the complete program, once the specification has been agreed. I would provide weekly listings so you could see how it is progressing and to check it on your computer / compiler. All the warning / error / prompt messages would be left in English.


As part of the development, I would ensure the results matched those of the agreed "test" jobs and all the parts of the original specification had been adhered to. Obviously any feedback from your staff would be incorporated and you could decide to accept printed results lists by post or text / graphical / pdf files / encrypted input data files by Email as necessary.


I would provide the compiled .EXE and source code versions of the finished program along with all notes, descriptions, "test" job results presentations etc. You would then store these on a secure computer (with separate "backups" as needed) for the one of more members of staff to amend the program substituting the "English" text for your own language where appropriate and can test everything out to your satisfaction.


You would then add the availability of this program to your website to allow sprinkler designers, contractors, installers and consultants in your country to download a free "demonstration" version for evaluation. You would then need to prepare and setup training courses and examinations in the next few months so that people / companies could investigate the whole procedures of sprinkler design and hydraulic calculations for a suitable fee in whatever detail you decide.


Once the individual people have become proficient with the program / designing to your satisfaction (ie. have passed the exams), you would register them (or their companies) for a fee or free on a centrally held list who would get the "full" version for their use over the next year (or month or forever as required). Everybody else would keep the "demonstration" version and after a few years, "refresher" courses / exams could be established to keep up with current practise. Just one or two members of staff would be required to run such a department and answer the correspondence and Emails with the inevitable questions and administration.


My proposal therefore allows overseas regulatory / certification / fire protection organisations to have their own full hydraulics calculations computer programs, in their own language, at absolute minimum cost, to set up local training courses and organise examinations on this specific topic such that only authorised people or sprinkler design companies can provide computer printouts to those bodies. Just think of the advantages of you having full control of the valuable resource of such comprehensive software and who has it (and who hasn't!) - you could even make a profit on this arrangement as the program essentially comes for "free".

My Email address is at the top of this page if you have questions, queries, comments or suggestions - please have FREE SOURCE CODE as the "Subject".