Free Water Mist Program by Alan Ashfield


Click here to anonymously download the free, complete and latest version of my new FREEWATERMIST.EXE program dated 14th December 2015 [792 KBytes].

Just save it to a suitable folder on your hard disk, such as C:\AA3PROGS or C:\FREEWM and there are NO setup / install routines, just the one EXE file direct from my https website which has been checked for viruses / malware etc.

If you have the "SmartScreen" filter ON when downloading my programs, then you may get a warning about the possible threats from getting software off the Internet, so just click on "More Info" and then "Run anyway" to get some of my more recent programs before Microsoft register them as 'safe'. Do not download this program from anywhere else on the Internet as it will not be my official version. You can create a desktop shortcut or pin the program to the taskbar of your computer if required. You may also find some of my other 18 free programs of interest by going to the HOME page.

Note there is NO need register, give your Email address, get any activation codes or license numbers, pay any fees or subscriptions and this is the full version without any time limits, does not degrade or restrict use on as many 32 / 64 bit "Windows" XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (but not RT) netbook, laptop or dektop computers that you have at home, in the office, in branches, on site etc with a minimum of screen size of 1366 x 768 pixels (but HD 1920 x 1080 will be much better) and free updates / upgrades. When you first run the program, it will prompt for a name / address to appear only on the results printouts but this is not sent to me nor anybody else, so you can leave it blank if you wish.

Likewise, there is no tracking of your projects so if you never contact me (the long-retired program originator, developer, registered owner of this massive website and writer of all these "Help" webpages!) for free technical support by Email (see top of page), then I, nor anybody else, will know you have my program. Note that should you upgrade your operating system, you do not need to buy another copy of my software as they are all free, of course, but may need to download them again if you forgot to make a 'back-up' before erasing the folder / partition on which it was stored.

I have followed the latest Microsoft Windows 10 programming guidelines, where everything is either black, white or 49 shades of grey with minimal use of colour except to highlight options or warnings.

Click here to return to my FREE WATER MIST webpage for more information or scroll down for a TUTORIAL about how to use it ...

You need to download my program from this website (as described above), save it to your computer, double- click on the freewatermist.exe file and enter your name / address (or leave it blank) and read the note about checking the database. Now click on Demo 1 to see :-

FreeWaterMist Demo 1

If you now click on Job Data you will see :-

Job Data

After reading it and clicking on Close at the bottom left you will return to the original view, so now click on Database for the pipe types, sizes and fittings information provided :-


Again, please select Close to return to the original drawing and choose one of the other drawing views and labels (in this case Top Left and Node Numbers) :-

Demo 1 other isometric

You can try all the other "Drawing Views and Labels" options as you wish and click on Calculate and select "Plan" to see :-'

Demo 1 calculate

Note the useful summary on the left hand side and just try looking at all the other labels and then on select Results :-

Demo 1 results

Read the little "hint" that pops up over the results listing and press PgUp, PgDn, Home or End on the keyboard or use your mouse wheel to scroll up or down the full listing as needed. Click on Redraw and then on Pipe options and select View pipe info and then move your mouse over the centre of any of the pipes to get a display similar to :-

Demo 1 view a pipe

You can try out all the other options and features as you have time for but for the moment, I would like to show you the other high-pressure example so click on Demo 2 to see :-

FreeWaterMist Demo 2

This time you can jump straight to Calculate :-

Demo 2 calculate

And then on Results to see the velocity pressure calculation at the pipes and nozzles :-

Demo 2 results

to practise moving up and down this listing, finally on Redraw and View again :-

Demo 2 view pipe

There are plenty of other options and features described on the main FREEWATERMIST page and the rest of this tutorial will describe creating a little system ...

New Job

With my program running on the screen, please click on New to fill in some Job data and design parameters :-

New Job Data

Note that you had to reply to Q1 with something otherwise this would be cancelled and after giving a file name to store this job under, you are presented with a drawing of just one pipe to get you started :-

New Job pipe 1

You can amend this as required by clicking on the type, size, length etc. items but for the moment we will accept this information, so click on Pipe options and then on Add a pipe and click at or near the centre of this pipe to see :-

New Job pipe 1

Oops we didn't want another one going up, so change the length to 2m, the direction to N for north and fitting 1 to be E for elbow :-

New Job pipe 1

Now click on this second pipe to get an exact copy which you can change the direction to E for east and the nozzle to Usual, to get something like the following :-

New Job pipe 1

Obviously you can continue like this as needed, building up the network pipe by pipe, with or without nozzles, using these Add, Break, Copy, Delete, Edit and View options in sequence or as you desire. Rather than just me showing you in screen-shots, why not take over yourself and create your first system, before embarking on real live projects. If you make a mistake, just Delete that pipe and continue. Note that you can Calculate this job now that there is at least one nozzle entered. The best way to continue is to play with the various options and referring to the main page for the full description of all the features of FREEWATERMIST - have fun!

Copyright 2015 by Alan Ashfield