Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

Free Residential / Domestic Program to BS9251:2014

I am pleased to offer a completely new and free program for BS9251:2014 "Fire Sprinkler Systems for Domestic and Residential Occupancies".

New3RD main page

Click here to download NEW3RD.EXE [22.05.15 710 kB] now. When run it should look like the above screen. [22.05.15] Increased number of pipes to 500. [02.05.15] Added extra text items to the 3D drawing after you have done the calculations and allowed for 'loops' in the pipe network to reduce the friction loss between the source and operating heads. [25.04.15] Included modifications to min/max data limits, adding references to identify sprinkler heads, pipe sizes on drawing and ability to produce .JPG version, revision of flow allowances and adding of 'top-up' flows to reduce the tank sizes, as requested by initial users, after using 20.04.15 version.

It assists in the determination of the hydraulically most unfavourable design area for categories 1 to 3 as Annex C as well as the hydraulically most favourable maximum flow demand for stored water supplies.

New3RD does not design the system however; the user has to consider the arrangement of sprinkler heads and pipework within the building based on the requirements of BS9251 which I assume you have read. Node numbers are allocated to the junctions of the pipe layout from the tank or external supply mains through to the sprinkler heads at one or more levels. You then tell the program what the size, length, direction, fittings (such as elbows, tees and special valves) are for each pipe in a specific sequence between pairs of these node numbers, together with the "K" factors and areas of coverage of the 1 to 4 operating sprinkler heads depending on the category. In most cases, one only needs to enter the pipes to the most unfavourable / favourable heads (1-4) and can ignore all other pipes, except those on loops, as they are never calculated and so do not come out on the results presentations.

This set of information is entered into the program together with some general project and other design data, stored on the computer and calculated / amended as required to produce a results presentation, that can be viewed or printed as necessary. Heads can be turned "on" or "off" to make the most unfavourable / most favourable calculations easier when there is a stored water supply. The remainder of this page and the in-built "Help" describes these items in more detail which completely replaces the earlier version dating back to 2009.

Obviously, you cannot use a conventional sprinkler hydraulics program for these calculations due to the unique items contained within BS9251. I have therefore written NEW3RD to only comply with this British Standard so it cannot be used for any other type of sprinkler systems to other European or American requirements in metric units. It is suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (or the forthcoming 10) with a minimum screen size of 1366 x 768 pixels - the new low-cost "Windows 8.1 with Bing" laptops are quite adequate but it runs just as well on 1920 x 1080 HD monitors and NEW3RD is in a simple "paged" format as you can see from the screen-shots below.

Please note that NEW3RD is not endorsed or approved by the British Standards Institution, the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, the Residential Sprinkler Association or any other organisation and that I do not run any training courses on this, or any other of my "free" programs.

File Options

New3RD main page

This is the first screen and allows you to select "New", "Open", "Save as", "Example 1", "Example 2" and "Exit" in the usual manner.

Job Data

New3RD job data page

This is where you can provide 9 references to appear on the results presentation and select the Catergory and pipe type.

Water Supply Data

New3RD water supply page

Note the comprehensive options that are unique to BS9251 and that can be selected for the different types of properties for a mains supply or stored water systems.

Pipe Data

New3RD pipe data page

This is where you enter the data required for each pipe and sprinkler head "K" factors and their areas of coverage. This is just like typing an Email or letter and allows all types of system to be given and which is immediately checked for consistancy everytime you press {Enter} to move to the next line or after amending any item. You do not have to line up the individual numbers as this is done automatically - just type a single space to separate them. Note how you can turn heads "on" or "off" just by the "K" factor (- = "off") which makes entering the Most Unfavourable and Most Favourable design areas very easy for stored water systems.

3D Drawing

New3RD drawing page

As you have given the direction (and slope if not horizontal) of each pipe, it is very straightforward to construct a 3D drawing where you can adjust the "X" and "Y" sliders to rotate the view to suit and note the pipe sizes given in green.

Calculations and Results

New3RD calcs 1 page

Just click on this "page" to carry out all the hydraulic balancing of the system based on the Category and water supply data to instantly produce a clear results presentation as shown. If a hard copy or PDF file is required, simply use the "Print" button or to see the rest of the information, press the {Home}, {End}, {PgUp} or {PgDn} keys, or use the scroll bars to move up or down, as shown below.

New3RD calcs 2 page


New3RD help page

This gives a complete description of all these options and items to be typed in without having to be connected to the Internet. My Email address is at the top of this page for any comments or queries - just have NEW3RD as the 'Subject' and they will be promptly answered by the same person who wrote the program.

All my programs described on this encrypted website are completely free and can be downloaded anonymously :-

Click here to download NEW3RD.EXE [22.05.15 710 kB] now - no Email address or registration is needed.

You should create a new folder on your computer, say, C:\aa3progs or C:\new3rd and copy the downloaded file to that and can then right-click on it to copy a shortcut to your desktop or "pin to taskbar" as required. Thank you for downloading my program - I hope you find it useful and there are many other free programs that may be of interest on this website.

If you have "SmartScreen filter" on, then you may get a warning about the possible threats from downloading software, so just click on "More Info" and then "Run anyway" to get some of my more recent programs before Microsoft register them as 'safe'.