Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

3D CAD part of AACALC7

Please note : This 3D DXF data entry method is just too involved, time consuming and error prone for your general sprinkler projects and was only produced as an obvious extension to the 2D DXF CAD procedure. By all means try it out and let me know how you get on but I am unable to assist if you get "stuck". The option of 'drawing' your pipework over a building background DXF file with my unique RN numbering method and then producing most of your 2D sprinkler layout drawing as a matching DXF file - as described on the HYDRAULICS page is far better, quicker, easier and much more immediate and should be adopted for your projects.

AACALC7 will then :-

The operator can then :-


Quick Tutorial

After downloading the program and its data file, run AACALC7 and select the 8th "demo" job and on the "Tree Wizard", adjust the sliders to say 10 ranges of 5 heads with 1m rises :-

Click on the "New3D" button to see that system on the screen, all noded up, pipe sizes/types allocated, length/direction/slopes and head areas automatically determined. Just try the various viewing directions and zooming/panning around as you desire.

Click on "Select" to draw "boxes" around the set of heads needed and click on "Calculate"

As the "Tree Wizard" only generates 'entities' on the #layer names in the NEW3D.DXF file, then you may not be able to read this into your CAD program if those names are not in the layer database or 'dictionary'. However, any drawing YOU generate will have the appropriate layer designations which AACALC7/AAVIEW7 will read automatically. That is why the "Tree Wizard" also creates a matching 3D coordinate file called AAFREED.DXF which just uses layer 'numbers' that you can rename to the corresponding #size/pt layer when you enhance or modify it. AAFREED.DXF will not work inside AACALC7 but can be read by all CAD programs and AAVIEW7.

Is this what you think a combined CAD / hydraulics software package should look like?