Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

Introduction to AACALC7

Completely free and anonymous downloads :-

Click here to download AACALC7.EXE [1890 kB] directly.

Typical features of AACALC7 :-

Typical screen display

I would summarise the main options of this comprehensive sprinkler hydraulics program ...

Typical results presentation from AACALC7 :-

This shows up to 70 heads / pipes per A4 page and can be viewed full size on the screen, printed out and posted or stored in a PDF file for emailing (with a simple printer driver from DOPDF.COM or many others) or what the REVIEWER will see if you send them your data files as they can also have the same FREE program for their own offices as all the pipe types / sizes / equivalent lengths / head information will always automatically be the same for every user. Note the clarity of the results list where everything lines up under the various columns and all input data is also confirmed so no cryptic codes have to be explained to the reviewers / other members of the design team.

Part of results presentation

For technical support from the program originator, my full address, telephone and fax numbers are given in the "Help" section of the various programs with my email address at the very top of this page.

If you do not agree with how I have produced the NFPA part of AACALC7, then I offer the full source code of the core data entry, checking, calculations and results presentation parts in PASCAL and VISUAL BASIC on the SHP4FPC page. Both the languages / source codes are completely free, of course, so you can easily program your own specific version.

If you thinking of buying or downloading another hydraulic calculations program complying with the EN12845 Sprinkler Rules, then please consider :-

AACALC7 DOES ALL THE ABOVE AND MORE! Perhaps you should ask your other supplier these questions and see how / what they reply - if at all! Are you really sure you want to wait for CDs / manuals to be POSTED to you before you can use a program in your design office as some suppliers still persist in doing? Can you copy the program to whatever computers you have / upgrade to without seeking 'approval' from the program supplier? What happens when you buy an expensive program and then find you can't use it due to it's complexity or limitations? My free AACALC7 can be downloaded immediately and used as YOU desire on as many computers as you have.