Free High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Program by Alan Ashfield

HPCO2 program

Completely free and anonymous downloads :-

Click here to download HPCO2.EXE [930 kB] directly.

Introduction :-

I now offer my "Windows" based program for High Pressure CO2 pipework systems for FREE :-

This program can be used at an early design stage of a project or for the production of detailed drawings and results presentation printouts for submission to the insurance company, fire authority or client. However, it does not design the pipework scheme - the user must layout the pipework and nozzles and define the system as :-

  • START node - a number in the range of 1 to 9998 eg. 10
  • END node - a number in the range of 2 to 9999 eg. 20
  • SIZE - the nominal size of this pipe in mm in the range of 10 to 250 (or 0 if unsized) eg. 15
  • TYPE - reference of pipe grade out of 10 stored eg. HW
  • LENGTH - the horizontal / vertical run of pipe in metres in the range of 0.1 to 99.9 eg. 3.2
  • DIRECTION/SLOPE - the compass direction of end node from the start node and optional slope in degrees eg. E for east, U for up or 67@4 if necessary
  • FITTINGS - the program automatically selects the type of elbow/tee at the start node based on the other pipes connecting to it but you can override this or add Gate Valves etc. or other fittings by adding their equivalent lengths in metres
  • NOZZLE FLOW RATE - if there is an operating nozzle at the end node, you enter its flow rate in kg/min eg. 40
  • NOZZLE SIZE - normally left blank for the program to select but you can specify its reference if installed
  • CYLINDERS - for manifold pipes only, enter the number of cylinders of any size under this pipe eg. 1

This data can be typed in directly on a spreadsheet-like grid or drawn, pipe by pipe, on a rotatable 3D drawing with preset plan, elevation and isometric views and you can also delete, copy, zoom in, find, printout, transfer to DXF file etc. The user has full control over the database of pipe types, available sizes, fittings and list of nozzles and can add, amend or erase the "starter" information I supply. You can have multiple copies of HPCO2 at home, the office, on site etc and reviewing authorities, equipment suppliers or clients can run the same program in their offices utilising your job data files so you don't even have to send the printouts in the post.

HPCO2 uses a quickly converging "successive approximation" process to ensure the flows and pressures at each nozzle match the actual nozzle diameter as against some spreadsheet type programs which only calculate one iteration leaving the engineer to select the next highest nozzle size, which just cannot be right!

High pressure CO2 systems are most suitable for Class A, B and C fires for all types of flammable liquids, electrical items and hazards, petrol engines, ordinary combustible materials (paper, wood, textiles, solids etc) in a wide range of chemical and food processing plants, coating machines, dip/quench tanks, printing presses, spray booths, data processing areas, marine, nuclear and offshore installations etc.

CO2 is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conducting "clean" agent which extinguishes the fire by diluting the oxygen in the protected area. It acts very rapidly and does not leave any residue and has zero ozone depletion so is very environmentally sensitive and is supplied as a liquid which expands over 400 times in volume so storage is efficient in space requirements requiring little maintenance.

The picture below shows the main drawing / spreadsheet screen :-

screen shot 1

This picture shows part of the results presentation :-

screen shot 2

This last picture shows part of the pipe sizes/types/fittings/nozzles database :-

screen shot 3