Free Software for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations by Alan Ashfield

HYD program

Completely free and anonymous downloads :-

Click here to download HYD.EXE [1020 kB] directly.

Introduction :-

I now offer my "Windows" based program for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations for FREE :-

HYD was written quite a few years ago but I have added the changes in the latest BSEN 12845 Rules (so you may get slightly different answers than before). It is a much easier to use than AACALC7 and more applicable for use overseas. It comes with some demo jobs, lots of help and splits the "node" data from the "pipes" data as shown on the following screen shot :-

screen shot 4

The "Nodes and heads" data on the left gives the height and if a head at the end node, its type and area. The "Pipes in system" grid on the right gives the start / end nodes and the size in mm, pipe type, length in m and a list of fittings in that section. There is a full database of pipe types, sizes and fittings that you can add to as required.

The "menu" across the top allows various options to be selected with a "toolbar" underneath to enter and amend this information, to calculate and to view the results as shown below :-

screen shot 5

The database I supply can be added to or amended by you :-

screen shot 6

There is an optional drawing part that may be of interest :-

screen shot 7


Qcap / Qmax graph

[25th May 2012] A FREE standalone program for the calculation of the Qcap and Qmax values for the Installers Pump Data Sheet as the EN12845 and similar Sprinkler Rules in the same format as EASYSHP, so can also be used with HYD and older programs that do not include such an option. You just enter the flows, pressures and highest heads for the most remote / favourable design areas as well as the pump / tank details. These are typed in on simple "tabbed" data entry screens and you can view the resulting graph on the same screen - the tank information is shown above. When you first start IPDS43, it displays some "Help" as I am sure most of you are quite familiar with such programs :-

Start up of IPDS43

I first did such a 'graph plotting' program on the Amstrad PCW in 1986, followed by one for MS.DOS a few years later, initially for CGA, then EGA and VGA screens. I did the QCAP one for Windows 95 in 1997 and another one for the CEN Rules but this was not released because it confirmed that the 70 / 140 % requirement was never going to work! When I produced AACALC7 in 2009, I integrated the 'graph' part with the full hydraulic calculation of the most remote and favourable design areas, so you didn't have to type in those values. However, the pump manufacturers do not permit any third parties to copy their flow / pressure values into computer programs, so you must type these in, each time, for yourselves. The final screen-shot shows (in an exaggerated fashion) that you can view the data and the graph on the same screen and that I calculate a smooth pump curve between the 8 flow / pressure points you enter. IPDS43 is set for a 1024 x 768 screen so will work on any laptop or desktop computer but it does look a bit daft on a 1920 x 1080 HD screen!

Funny pump - normally much smoother