Very Simple Hydraulics Program by Alan Ashfield


Completely free and anonymous downloads :-

Click here to download VSHP.EXE [1260 kB] directly.

Introduction :-

As I appreciate that not all sprinkler designers want to enter their scheme as a "drawing", I have produced an entirely new program that presents ALL the design information on the SAME screen as shown below ...

Typical screen display

This is where all your job data is entered, added to and amended - project, nozzles and pipes - 3 easy to follow spreadsheet-like grids (just press {TAB} between each number) and where most of your time would be spent to create the most remote / favourable design areas for a sprinkler system to the BSEN12845, CEA and similar rules. In most cases, the only other screen you will see would be the results as shown below (70 heads / pipes per A4 page) ...

Typical results display

Obviously there are a few other options for an editor, restore points, renumbering, graph and Grid Wizard to enable you to enter all types of terminal, looped, gridded, roof/rack, deluge etc. systems and there is extensive help available.

You just enter your name / address on the first run (just for the results pages) on as many laptop / desktop "Windows" PCs you have and I offer full technical support (by email, phone or fax) if you get stuck. There are NO CHARGES nor an 80 page user manual to wade through and you even get a Qcap / Qmax graph as a .JPG picture combined with a simple allinone data entry screen without having to remember what typed in commands do what and when as there aren't any! Please note that none of my programs needs a SETUP routine to create umpteen folders / libraries / icons / examples / internet connections without your knowledge - I only have to supply one .exe file that you can store where you want on your PCs or even on a cheap USB memory stick to take (+ all your jobs) wherever you go.